Why Do People Like Metal Music?

The major appeal of metal is its intensity and surge of adrenaline. Thunderous guitars and pounding rhythms may be used to describe metal in general. While the pace and intensity of metal may not be to everyone’s taste, it may be a type of good sensory overload for metalheads.

Similarly, What does metal music say about a person?

Researchers discovered that rock and heavy metal music listeners are often extremely polite, despite the sometimes harsh image that these genres of music convey. They often have poor self-esteem and tend to be shy, yet they also tend to be creative.

Also, it is asked, Why is metal music so good?

Metal songs often combine the genre’s defining larger-than-life sound with sentimental lyrics. Processing strong emotions like rage may be facilitated by listening to metal. Stress may also be reduced by it. This intense level of energy from may aid in emotional release for metal fans.

Secondly, Are metalheads nice?

Metalheads and classical music listeners have comparable temperaments in addition to having similar musical tastes and aesthetic standards. Both kinds of followers tend to be polite, creative people who are at ease in their own skin, according to research from Heriot-Watt University.

Also, Are metalheads violent?

Professor Bill Thompson proposed this conclusion in 2019 based on findings from a music lab at Australia’s Macquarie University. Additionally, Thompson discovered in a related study that listeners in general were neither more or less sensitive to violent or gory visuals than metalheads.

People also ask, What music do geniuses listen to?

A fondness for instrumental genres such as jazz, electronica, downtempo, and classical was associated with higher cognitive test results.

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Why metal is so underrated?

In conclusion, many aspects of metal, including the lyrical and musical approaches, are stereotyped and misunderstood. The poetic forms are substantial and meaningful rather than meaningless. Contrary to popular genres, the instrumentals were well-controlled and complemented the song’s topic.

Why do metalheads have long hair?

But why is long hair so intimately connected with metal? At the moment, it simply seemed appropriate. The straightforward response is that throughout the early years of rock and metal, having long hair was seen as a symbol of nonconformity (60s, 70s, and 80s). Even if long hair is less frowned upon these days, the practice has persisted.

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What does it mean if I like metal?

The major appeal of metal is its intensity and surge of adrenaline. Thunderous guitars and pounding rhythms may be used to describe metal in general. While the pace and intensity of metal may not be to everyone’s taste, it may be a type of good sensory overload for metalheads.

Does heavy metal music cause depression?

Heavy music enthusiasts greatly outperformed non-fans in terms of sadness and anxiety symptoms, but there was no difference in trait anger between the two groups. Heavy metal listeners did not exhibit an increase in wrath after listening to heavy metal music, according to Gowensmith and Bloom’s (1997) research.

Why are metalheads so happy?

When listening to metal, people believe their rage is matched to the music, making it simpler to digest. Metal creates a secure and healthy environment for this to take place. Metal sometimes helps us feel less alone in our feelings, which makes it easier for the listener to accept them.

Are metalheads happier?

Theoretically, metalheads are happier and more socially adept than other non-metal fans, according to Ph. D. psychologist Nick Perham.

Why do smart people like heavy metal?

This song is used by people to “purge” their negativity. According to study, like heavy metal music is an indication of high intellect. Heavy metal music may be used by certain persons as a coping mechanism for their talent.

Does death metal affect the brain?

They claim that the death metal genre’s high amplitude, quick tempo, and other dissonant characteristics may cause the release of neurochemicals like epinephrine, which “may explain emotions of positive energy and power reported by fans, and tension, fear, and wrath recorded by non-fans.”

Do metal fans have low self-esteem?

It’s interesting to note that the study’s metal lovers tended to have modest levels of self-esteem. The research hypothesizes that for those with poor self-esteem otherwise, heavy metal’s catharsis may aid increase self-worth and foster positive self-evaluations.

Is heavy metal masculine?

He contends that since the lyrics of heavy metal music are intrinsically male, it is only natural for people of all genders to behave in masculine ways (Walser 2014). Male dancing is anticipated when the songs’ lyrics celebrate masculinity.

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What music makes you dumb?

According to an unreliable research, hip-hop and country music “makes you stupid.”

Does IQ affect music taste?

Intelligence has a significant impact on music taste, according to previous study. More intellectual people liked “reflective, sophisticated, and passionate” musical genres, according to research by Rentfrow and Gosling from 2003. (which included classical, jazz, blues, and folk).

Are metal fans smart?

According to statistics, metalheads are more likely to be emotionally and intellectually intelligent, to have a nuanced understanding for music, and to flourish as self-employed entrepreneurs—which isn’t always easy, as anybody who has tried it can attest to.

What is the most underrated metal band?

A-ZAfflicted, 50 overlooked metal bands (death metal, Sweden) The Antarktis (atmospheric sludge metal, Sweden) Italian melodic death/doom metal band Ars Onirica Asphodelus (Finland’s death/doom metal) American death/doom metal band Atten Ash French death/doom metal band Cold Insight Death/doom metal from Finland’s Counting Hours.

Is skillet underrated?

My favorite band, Skillet, is a great choice if you’re seeking for new music. Maybe you’ve heard one of their songs on rock radio, maybe you’ve never heard of them.

Do metalheads cheat?

TIL Heavy metal music has been discovered by psychologists to be a beneficial approach to deal with troubling emotions. People are not made more violent by it. According to several studies, jazz fans are more inclined to cheat on their relationships than metalheads.

What style of music is Iron Maiden?

Metal/Genre Iron Maiden

Can music make you lose weight?

A Fairleigh Dickinson University research discovered that playing music while working out improves weight reduction outcomes in addition to making exercises more comfortable and pleasurable.

How do I look like a metal girl?

Look for stripes that are black and red or dark blue. Additionally, search for skirts with cross or skull motifs. The look is further enhanced with a black leather skirt. Black stockings are a common addition for female metal fans wearing skirts.

How do you dress like a metalhead?

0:011:36 My name is Summer Belleza, and I work for Aliza magazine. And I’m here to talk about metal dressing. SoMore My name is Summer Belleza, and I work for Aliza magazine. And I’m here to talk about metal dressing. Consequently, if you’re going to wear metal. There are essentially two major fashion eras—the 1970s and

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Can you be metal with short hair?

You are not metal if your hair does not extend beyond your shoulders. It makes sense. Either you have really long hair or you are bald. There is no middle.

Why does metal music calm me down?

Headbanging, satanism, mosh pits, and the beheading of small animals are increasingly often connected to heavy metal. However, a recent research found that metal and all other types of “extreme” music might have a calming effect on listeners as opposed to rage.

Are Metalheads Goth?

Despite the fact that Gothabilly and other scenes work well for guys trying to seem macho in their dark adventures, they are seen as more tough and masculine than others would consider Goth.

Why do I like aggressive music?

Conclusion. According to this research, those who like extreme music listen to it while they’re upset in order to feel just as angry and to feel more motivated and active. Additionally, they use music to control depression and amplify happy feelings.

Are Metalheads sad?

Heavy Metal fans tend to be more worried and unhappy than the general population, according to a recent research, which confirms what many people already knew. Through a poll of college students, researchers discovered that those who listened to loud rock and metal had noticeably greater levels of mental stress.


Metal music is a genre of rock music that has been associated with aggression, power and speed. It was developed in the early 1970s as part of the new wave of British heavy metal and later became known as “extreme metal.”. Metal listeners have been found to be more extroverted than other genres of music, but also introverted.

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