Why Is Donda Not on Apple Music Yet?

Similarly, Will Donda be available on Apple Music?

Kanye West, who is now referred to as “Ye” in official capacities, decided against releasing his next album, “Donda 2,” via Apple Music or Spotify in favor of a private platform.

Also, it is asked, Why is T Donda on Apple Music?

This week, Kanye stunned the world by announcing that his new album wouldn’t be made accessible on Apple Music or Spotify. This is due to the fact that Stem Player, his own “platform” and gadget, will be released with Donda 2. “Only my own platform, the Stem Player, will have Donda 2 accessible.

Secondly, Will Donda 2 ever come to Apple Music?

The new “Donda 2″ album won’t be made accessible on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, or YouTube, according to a statement made by West on Instagram. The music player West introduced with “Donda” last year, Stem Player, will instead host “Donda 2.”

Also, Will Kanye West Donda be on Apple Music?

Donda 2 will not be available on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, or YouTube, according to Kanye West. The rapper, 44, who has officially changed his name to Ye uploaded a preview of a new song on his Instagram account on Friday, February 18.

People also ask, Where can I find Donda?

The DONDA 2 loaded Stem Player, which costs $200 USD, is currently only accessible via the Stem Player website. Kanye West just unveiled DONDA 2 merchandise, in case you missed it.

Related Questions and Answers

Where can i stream Donda?

Both StemPlayer.com and Amazon Music’s Twitch channel will broadcast the event.

Is Donda Deluxe on Apple Music?

Kanye West’s Donda (Deluxe) is available on Apple Music.

Will Donda 2 ever drop?

Fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of the new album since the 44-year-old rapper revealed its release date in late January. The release of Donda 2 is scheduled for February, which also happens to be the deceased Robert Kardashian Srbirthday. .’s

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Will Donda 2 eventually be on Spotify?

Donda 2 is coming, but don’t count on being able to stream it on Apple Music or Spotify. Kanye West disclosed that his $200 Stem music streaming gadget would be the only place where his new album will be sold. Kanye said on Instagram that “Donda 2 will exclusively be accessible on my own platform, the Stem Player.”

Will Donda 2 only be on the Stem Player?

Kanye claims that a Stem Player is the only device that can be used to listen to “Donda 2.” He said that musicians aren’t compensated properly in the music business in a post on Instagram.

Will Donda be released on Spotify?

With the release of “Donda 2,” Kanye West is the newest artist to abandon Spotify. If you’ve heard this one before, please tell me: Ye, the musician whose name was formerly Kanye West (it was changed officially in October 2021.

Why is Donda censored on Spotify?

Kanye West claims that “DONDA” was edited because families shouldn’t have swearing in the living room, and to prove that you can, bloom room by jared @rapdirect and he really did.

Can you buy Donda 2 CD?

High-quality, affordably priced items that can be delivered right away are featured in Amazon’s Choice. FREE MP3 version of this album is included. Amazon Digital Services LLC is the provider.

Where can I listen to Donda Deluxe?

Kanye West’s Donda (Deluxe) is available on Amazon Music Unlimited.

How can I listen to Donda Deluxe?

Watch on YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Xumo, or Tub.

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Is Donda 2 being updated?

On his most recent album, DONDA 2, the performer previously known as Kanye West is said to have revised a tune.

How much will it cost to listen to Donda 2?

As a result, streaming services are under pressure, and listeners are becoming pirates.

Will Donda 2 be on streaming platforms?

Only West’s Stem Player gadget has “Donda 2” accessible. Prior to the Donda 2 listening event, West made it known that his $200 Stem Player product would be the only way to purchase the album. He said that streaming platforms would never offer the album.

Does Kanye own Stem Player?

The $200 portable music player called The Stem Player, which makes it simple to modify music, is brilliant. The Stem Player was developed in 2021 by Ye, previously known as Kanye West, and Alex Klein, the head of the tech firm Kano.

Does Donda have cuss words?

West could have simply requested that fans refrain from cursing when he decided to only release “Donda” in a modified form with profanity muted. Feels like another sign that music is no longer at the top of his list of priorities.

Does Donda swear?

Although it reportedly has secular noises and occasional swearing, it is said to be “still oriented on God.”

Will Donda drop?

He had planned for his most recent album, Donda, to be released in July 2020, then again on June 8 and July 23 2021, before it ultimately launched on August.

Is Donda 2 selling well?

Chris’s other stories. Kanye West (now known as Ye) claims to have made over $1.3 million in sales in the previous day alone after revealing on Thursday that his next album, Donda 2, will be streamed exclusively on his branded Stem Player.

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Will Donda be on Amazon music?

However, neither Spotify nor Amazon Music will have the album. Ye just announced the release of his 11th studio album, which fans have been anticipating with bated breath. Donda 2 won’t be made accessible on the major streaming services, according to Ye, in contrast to most singers’ albums.

Is Donda Deluxe out?

Each one had a distinct album layout, as well as unique tunes, mixes, and extras. On August 29, the album was officially released.

What is the difference between Donda and Donda Deluxe?

The deluxe version of Kanye West’s most recent album, Donda, has been released. In comparison to the original, which was published in August, the new edition of the album has five more songs and a revised running order. The deluxe version comprises 32 songs in total and is almost two hours long.

What did Donda deluxe add?

Five more tracks are included in the Deluxe edition. Up From the Ashes, Remote Control Pt. 2, Never Abandon Your Family, Keep My Spirit Alive Pt. 2, and Life of the Party are their names.


Donda is not on Apple Music yet because it’s still in its beta stage. In the future, Donda will be available for streaming on Apple Music.

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